Welcome on our website of the WTAS-school in Gro├č-Gerau.

WTAS is an abbreviation for Wing Tsun Altmayer System. It's the exact opposite of the traditional styles.

Our strategies:

Instead it requires the whole body of a pupil to control his movements, which allows him to adapt to a real fighting situation just by observing the movements of his opponent. WTAS itself doesn't orientate on a predetermined sequence of movements or technique but relies on a special full body training which synchronizes of our hinges and implies all of them in a movement phase to reach the full extent of speed and punch force.

Here doesn't apply the classical "hand before foot" principle, but a special phase training! In WTAS the attack may start only after absolute control of the opponent. There are no insecure approaches of the enemy attack in WTAS! Instead we're fighting with elaborate footwork and good covering in the Infight.

The 3-dimensional defense strategy that combines the unique movements of the thigh with the whole body, that is consequently linked with the distance provide us a flawless defense and distinguish the WTAS-style vastly from other fighting styles.

In special programs the pupil learns to move in an areal structure. By that he learns to move himself safe through the several fighting phases (attack/defense). To this WTAS uses specifically developed and dynamic footwork, which provides us the most possible maneuverability. Strict balance and movement structures like 70% of the body weight on the backfoot, 30% on the front you won't find here.

But the main principle of WTAS is the unique combination of different body weights and the interaction between the upper body, the thigh and the footwork. Here the pupil learns to handle his balance, which grants him a high flexibility and manueverability of the body.

And last but not least there is no technique against a technique in WTAS, but the opponent is disseized his balance and strenght by small circling moves and is incapacitated by that !


In order to understand on the top mentioned priciples it is't enought to read them! Do you have questions or need detailed information about it, don't hesitate to call us or come better to the training !

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